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Well pumps should be serviced by a home service pro at least once a year - experts advise homeowners to avoid doing this on their own, as improper inspection could lead to bacteria and other objects contaminating the water.

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Published: 09/28/2022
There was a blockage in our houses main drain, which lead to the basement sink backing up, as well as the laundry machine; it also caused a bad smell to permeate every faucet in the house. Dealing with PHD Plumbing...
Published: 09/16/2022
Screen fell off our perfectly functioning cottage water line foot valve. My elderly sister called and was told the foot valve (not just the missing screen). Unfortunately she only spoke to me after the work was done....
Published: 07/28/2022
Seven weeks to get app't and work done. No detailed disclosure of cost up front or on completion. The average cost of new pump is $650, so how do we end up at $2500. This should have...