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If you're planning a long distance move, there are many factors to consider other than hiring a moving company, such as researching vehicle licensing and insurance procedures, transferring bank accounts and checking whether your electronics will work in your new home.

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Published: 09/14/2020
We had a great experience with Hudson Movers. Chris’s team was quick, professional and very nice to work with. Highly recommended.
Published: 08/27/2020
To move a mirror dresser, 2 night tables, 1 mattress, 1 box spring, and a bed frame costed me almost $1,000(5hours). They told me at the beginning with my quote it would be around $600(3hours). It took them 5 hours...
Published: 08/21/2020
This company is missing honesty and integrity. Deceptive billing. They doubled the actual travel times to knock up the bill by a small amount they didn't think I would care about. I was given an excuse that it was a...