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It is normal for a ceiling fan to move a little when it is running on high speed, but if it is unusually wobbly, there may be an issue with the ceiling blades. To determine the issue, try cleaning the blades or tightening the blade screws.

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Published: 02/21/2021
replaced breaker in panel. did full inspection through entire house. followed COVID rules. quick, efficient and courteous. couldn't ask for anything better. kudos. would hire again. can't get to 30 words
Published: 06/05/2021
NP Electric supplied a new electrical service to the house, hooked up the new hot tub and rewired the mother-in-law suite in the basement. Would definitely recommend NP Electric.
Published: 06/05/2021
I had my old kitchen brought down and renew, now I barely recognize it. It is a brand new one, my wife loves it.