Drain Line Breakage - Camera Locate in Surrey, BC

If you have a leak in your drain line but have trouble finding it, you may need a camera to locate the leak and see what is going on inside the pipes. Hire a home service pro to help locate the leak and repair it accordingly.

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Published: 04/14/2021
A double kitchen sink with a leaking garburator on one side and an unglued drain on the other has been fixed completely; with two brand new drains and plugs, and new piping where the old garburator used to be, and...
Published: 09/29/2020
I have been working with Universal Plumbers for past couple of years and I am very pleased with the service and quality they provide. I build multiple custom homes and I only trust universal plumbing for all my plumbing...
Published: 08/13/2020
I recently bought a new fridge only to find out the water line coming out of house water main will not fit the ice maker connection Of the fridge. I need an adaptor and wouldn’t want to risk using...