Sewer Main - Install, Replace or Repair in Cloverdale, BC

Sewer mains are very important and require proper installation - costs will vary depending on the housing type, the distance to a connector line, potential obstructions underground and pipe materials. Hire a home service pro to take care of your sewer main needs at home.

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Published: 01/18/2021
I would recommend this company to anyone looking for crawlspace remediation. Very professional, friendly, and easy to deal with. The quality of work was excellent and we are extremely satisfied with the service and completed work. Special thanks to Justin,...
Published: 05/07/2020
Mehmet was very professional, responsive, knowledgeable and efficient, he was very respectful regarding social distancing protocols, while in our home and quickly assessed our service requirements. GVA is highly recommended and we would definitely re-hire for future plumbing needs.
Published: 02/13/2020
Couldn't be happier! All Ploy-B piping replaced. No fuss, no bother and reasonable cost. Mehmet did the work in a professional and workmanlike manner. Holes in the ceiling and walls were kept to a minimum, and were minimal disruptions as...