Engineer - Soil in Cloverdale, BC

A soil engineer can help evaluate whether the soil and earth are suitable for the structure to be built in the construction site - they can help analyse and provide reports on the amount of weight the ground can hold and the types of foundation that are suitable for the construction site.

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Published: 08/29/2019
He started the project in 2016, and finished in 2017. The builder has a lot experiences and knowledge able. The House he built is high quality. Working with him made us feel comfortable. If he can do what he promised...
Published: 02/27/2019
Very detailed work, Raven Electric did an outstanding job of updating and modernizing an older home. Most of the updates were were recommended by Raven Electric. Will be using them again in the very near future for another home I...
Published: 01/25/2019
Ray and his team did a great job. I have used Ray's electrical services for many years and he has always done a great job. In particular, Chris, one of Ray's most experienced employees has always been very...