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A termite infestation can result in serious property damage, as they can chew through wood, wallpaper and flooring undetected. To prevent termite infestations at home, homeowners should get a professional termite inspection done at least once a year.

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Published: 05/22/2020
I called them out because we really had a big problem. I expected them to let us know where they were entering and what we needed to do to get rid of them. They left poison blocks in different...
Published: 04/21/2020
Bought a house last year and despite having a house inspection the house had a carpenter ant infestation. It took us almost a year to finally eliminate the problem in the house and just recently found the main nest in...
Published: 04/17/2020
Dyniesha was very pleasant and polite during greeting me. She easily assisted me and was able to get my order ready within minutes. She verified the transaction and let me know I can get a free Dorito taco if I...