Landscape - Minor Grading or Resloping in Edmonton, AB

Homeowners tend to reslope their land for practical purposes, such as reshaping the existing earth to install a driveway or leveling your house for foundation purposes. Since regrading and resloping require specific equipment, we recommend hiring a home service pro.

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Recently Reviewed Edmonton Landscape

Published: 11/06/2019
I am very satisfied with my walkway/interlock installation. This guys are very professional and keep their promise. They were in touch with me when needed to inform me about possible delay which didn't happen finally. I highly recommend this company...
Published: 08/27/2019
Troy and his crew started our work project several days early and completed on time. He always brought a full crew and compliment of equipment each day to complete the required tasks. Troy was the person who quoted the...
Published: 07/25/2019
I had APS Landscaping strip out my old sod, re-form my final grade around my house, install a window well extension and install new sod. They did an excellent job and worked extremely hard on the project. Troy and his...