Brick or Stone Fireplace (Non-Gas) - Repair in Calgary, AB

The key to prolonging a wood-burning fireplace's lifespan is routine maintenance - when the fire is out and the ashes are completely cold, homeowners should remove ashes from the firebox. Hire a home service pro to help solve your fireplace problems.

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Published: 06/30/2020
We needed our gas fireplace serviced and Hearth and Home were great! Roger was right on time and was efficient and helpful. We had never used the fireplace since we moved in and had no idea how it worked. He...
Published: 06/26/2020
This past winter the gas fireplace in my home started to act a bit flaky. Since I have been in my home over ten years, I figured I should have it inspected. You know, the whole gas/flames thing. Probably nice...
Published: 06/22/2020
Had an older gas fireplace in the house we bought. It was dusty and dirty and never quite worked right,dont think it had ever been cleaned or serviced. Ryan's guy came in and spent hours cleaning,tweaking and adding a few...