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When installing surveillance cameras at home, it is important to cover areas such as the front and back doors, driveways and lawns. Please note that surveillance cameras should be pointed at your own property at all times, as neighbours could consider this as a violation of privacy.

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Published: 04/06/2021
If something seems too good to be true it usual is. At the start all was good, signed an agreement with the Rep to have Liberty Come and install. The Rep said it was 36 months, i had told him...
Published: 03/27/2021
I am Very Impressed with JTL Alarm & Surveillance the Excellent Level of Customer Relations and Customer Service Is Best In Class. They Were Able to Take Care Of Our Primary Concerns, Help To Eliminate Any Vulnerabilities Or Weak...
Published: 11/26/2020
Long story short, my first home was secured by JTL Alarm and now in my new home, it remains the same. Since day one of my installation with Dolby at my old home, he provided much information, advices and...