Placed an order for a part (control board) for my dead stove on Thursday, & was told it would be in the next day which was good because we were hosting New Years dinner. We waited all day today (Fri) & no call. I called at 3:30pm (they close at 5) & get told 'oops sorry, the order wasn't processed UNTIL today so it'll be another 4 days before the part comes in'. WAIT...WHAT?!?! For a dead stove...they guys couldn't even give us a courtesy call, when they knew the part wasn't going to be in (which according to Maria, was at 1:30pm). They specifically said when we ordered this $350 part that "as long as it's in stock, we'll get it the next day, & if it's not what you want, we don't do refunds, you own it." long as it's in stock we MIGHT get it, MIGHT not, it might end up in Montreal, it might be on the moon, we'll call you when we call you have a nice holiday - along with a 'you're not the only person who's called in that we don't have their parts either'. After saying over & over that there was nothing they could do...I asked them to call their supplier & see if that part was available so I could at least pick it up myself & have a working stove. So now I'm going to drive 45 mins to pick up this part - that's more expensive than what I was originally quoted - from the supplier directly - because I need a stove - & clearly these guys DON'T need my business. I wouldn't give them yours.

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