The movers were incredibly hard-working and kind. One was giving me his personal perspective of the area we were moving into, including some great things to take advantage of! We did find some scuffs and scratches on some of our furniture, once we got it set up in our apartment. I probably underestimated the size of truck we needed, so the guys were 'creative' in loading the truck.. that could have lead to the scuffs and scratches we saw. overall, I'm very happy I hired these guys.. they worked incredibly hard.

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Company Response

Hey there, Ryne here.

Thank you very kindly for your feed back.

I am here at 604-600-8541
daily until 11pm and I can also be reached at INFO@GETREALPROMOVERS.COM
where you can send me any pictures related to your scratched furniture and I can see what can be done to bring this furniture back to like new condition for you as soon as possible :)