Inquired via website booking and got a call an hour later to set up an appointment. The appointment was scheduled next day between 12-4pm. The day of the appointment tech didnt come. Very frustrating as I wasted half a day waiting for nothing. So we had to schedule again the next day between 5-7pm tuesday. It was already 745pm when the tech came. The techs name was Vladimir. He was very nice, knowledgeable and obviously knew what he was doing. He was able to diagnose the issue. Unfortunately, the issue costs too much to repair at the time I didnt go with it. I feel the quote was honest. The only frustration i had with Maydone was the time i wasted waiting for someone to come (7 hrs+). That is time that I couldve spent working. if there was a tech that came at a good time and my time wasnt wasted. I wouldve leaned more on the repair. Not i have to make up for a days worth of lost wages and save up for a new laundry center. I give this 5/6 stars out of 10. Update: Nov 11,2022. - after reading my review Maydone has reached out to me and offered options to rectify my bad experience with them. We explored options but the best resolution would be for a refund of initial assessment cost. I think this was fair. I lost time but i atleast know whats wrong with my machine. I have changed my review from 6 to 8 stars because I believe the company has integrity and values customer service. They followed up even though the dont have to. Another lesser company wouldnt have cared and mightve just taken my money.

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Dear JD,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. It is highly appreciated.

We always value our customers and try to do our best.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for your future projects.

Have a wonderful day :)


Maydone Appliance


Our roof was heavily damaged in the storm of 2019. As we were in desperate need of repair we hired anyone that we could find. It turned out to be a costly decision. The roof was not done properly and there were leaks in some areas. We tried to go after the previous company but unfortunately, they no longer exist. This time we did our research, asked 3 licensed companies to come take a look. Elkin from Kingdom roofing limited was one of them. Elkin himself came to my house and assessed the damage, gave us a competitive price on par with the other 2. We were drawn by his straight forward and honest answers. He is licensed and came with referrals. After the deal was struck he also patched our roof (for free) while we wait for his team to come. Today our roof replacement was done by Elkin and his team. When I say done by Elkin, I mean he was up there with his guys laying shingles in 30 degree weather. I honestly didn't expect him to do manual labor as in my experience, I see owners just point and direct workers from a distance. This gave me more confidence that the work is being done the right way. Other things that impressed me was his (2) punctuality. The appointment was for 7am and he and his team were there setting up at 7am. The teams efficiency/speed, they were done by 3pm. (3) Detail, he pointed out all the materials that he was going to use. (4) Quality of work, he replaced all broken/moldy boards (i don't think he charged me for it) and shingles looked well placed and even. No bumps or messy applications. (5) Care, his team cleaned all the mess created by the install. There were no loose nails or previously removed shingles/boards anywhere in the backyard or driveway. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the whole experience. Highly recommended and wouldn't disappoint!

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John. thank you for the review and thank you too for take care my guys with cold water and food. thx