I had a sliding patio door installed in January. The installation was terrible. They did not flash the rough opening, and there is no head flashing above the door. The only thing sealing the water out of the opening is caulk, which is a temporary solution at best that needs regular maintenance. This would not come close to meeting code requirements. The door closes poorly as the frame was tweaked slightly in the installation. Lastly there is a large scratch on the door. I noticed the scratch before the door was installed and should have rejected it, but it was January and there was a hole in my house. I’m stilling waiting on them to come up with a satisfactory solution 6 months later. Every time I contact them I have to follow up to have it lead to any action.

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Dear costumer. We apologize for your experience so far. It is not our intention to make you distrust the quality of our windows. Unfortunately sometimes unforeseen situations occur and we are more than willing to resolve any such issues. Please give us a call at 1-866-807-8064