The first and last impressions they left with me were terrible. Cant beleive I suckered myself into giving them exclusive agency to find me a tenant. Nathan was scheduled to come to see my condo for their potential client list, however, the guy didnt even show up. I called them after an hour and the person told me Nathan didnt know and will come. He eventually came and sold me a fantasy story of how he has a ton of people looking and can get my unit rented out in 2 days. How they currently have dozens of units like mine in this very building for rent, and many for showings lined up for that very weekend...well... I fell for it. The only offers they sent me to lease the place was 2 weeks later when I told them I no longer wanted to use their services, coincidence much?!?. Their candidates weren't even qualified to afford my rent. Rent was going to be over 60% of their take-home pay on a job they didn't even start yet, and the persons had little to no credit history... what sane landlord would sign up for this? They offered to do property management on the unit at a discount if i went for these candidates after learning i wasn't interested. When I declined again, I was told by Avi that I was too picky to look so closely at their credit, salaries and/or employment history. Then, when I tried to get my keys back it became a cat and mouse race to get a hold of these people. Dozens of phone calls, emails and texts over an entire week either went unaddressed or brushed off by Avi. Then when it came to to it, they wanted nothing to do with me or my property - his resolution was and I quote "We will try but there is no guarantee if it will happen. If it's convenient, we will send someone but I suggest that you come in and get them yourself or send a courier".... EXCUSE ME? I gave them the keys up north, signed the papers up north, but they insisted I come into toronto to get my keys though they claimed to have "dozen of properties in the area and lots of showings every few days there". These people ended up just tying up my keys and lost me a month's rent due to their exclusivity clauses and inability to retrieve my keys when i asked for them back.

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