In the middle of winter, our old boiler had issues and was mandated for immediate fix/replacement. We called Spring Home for a quote as we were happy with previous work they did for a ductless AC installation. George took time to thoroughly walk me through various replacement options. He answered all my questions and went above and beyond by following up with detailed notes of our discussion and estimates. George's technical expertise and professionalism gave us confidence that we were making a good choice and that the installation would be done well. The team thoughtfully did some pre-work to reduce the in-home installation time. They were able to come over the weekend to take measurements and pre-assemble parts at their shop prior to installation day. This was especially helpful during covid for everyone's safety. It also limited the amount of time where we were unable to use the water or heat the home. We (and our young kids) appreciated this very much. There was a minor issue with the boiler pressure a couple days post installation, but the team arrived quickly and fixed it immediately. It's been running perfectly since then. Thanks again George and team. A job well done!

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Company Response

Hello Colin, you have made the right decision in choosing Spring Home once again to assist you with your Boiler issue. Our team are always working hard to attain quality in this trade, and George's technical expertise is a major part in each of our project. Thank you for trusting us once again and we are looking forward to serve you in many years to come. We are just a phone call away. All the best to you!