The stone cladding on our front entrance stairs was coming apart. The first contractor demolished the stairs in a decent manner, however, as is all too common, he took some money and never came back. Our front stairs were left in ruins for more than a month as we tried in vain to reach the first contractor. This is where the All Pro team came to the rescue. Despite being busy, they were sympathetic and made the time to help us out with a rescue job. They were professional, courteous, and the workmanship was fantastic. Ann, Angelo, thank you for being so wonderful!

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Company Response

When you called the ALL-PRO office, our project construction schedule was fully booked for the season. We were routinely declining invitations to quote on new projects. However, upon hearing your unfortunate story, we tried to find a way to integrate your project into the schedule. It certainly made things challenging for the team, but we wanted to give your story a positive ending.
As it turns out, there was a silver lining. Our crew leader on your project, Dan, is gifted at his craft and improved the original installation. Also, the bagged cement left in your garage by the previous contractor would not have been the optimal material for re-adhering the flagstone to your concrete steps and landing. The material we used is a much better choice for that kind of job. This re-installation project should never have been needed in the first place. The flagstone had been installed only two years ago, but the wrong bonding agent had been used, resulting in the loosening of the flagstone this year.
Thank you for your kind review! We are so glad that we were able to help! All the best, Angelo