I wanted you to know how much we appreciate the work you and your installers have done in renovating my home. From the outset your care, interest and advice as to options in planning were invaluable. The preplanning was smooth and eye opening for us and your patient advice is appreciated. The actual window changes, having been completed in challenging weather conditions, were carried out in a very professional manner by Earl. While I contemplated some mess about the house I was happily surprised with the care taken to protect the interior of my home and the meticulous cleanup both inside and out, especially in the face of a howling snowstorm. Thinking of that I was very impressed with the workmanship, the thought and consideration Earl demonstrated in responding to our questions and his tenacity in that snowstorm. The result has been a total change of the environment of the house. An unexpected change is the reduction in noise, the outside sounds stay outside. I did anticipate greater indoor comfort but even there I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed a drop in fuel usage to heat the house. I suppose this reflects the thorough and careful application of insulation during the installation. The interior finishing touches really added to the professionalism of the job and to our appreciation of the overall work. I was very happy with that aspect. As you know we did the whole renovation in two stages, windows in December and siding in May and based on our December experience were happy to welcome Earl back in the good weather. Although some questions were presented about my choice of siding colour, I am glad we looked at the pros & cons, and I am very happy with the whole effect; and would be happy to let you use the house as an example for potential clients. The use of the R7 insulation and its careful sealing will add additional comfort in the coming winter I am sure. I have had people stop on the road and comment favourably on the siding and I personally like the rich colour. So from start to finish you and your staff have treated us well, worked diligently and completed your work in a timely, professional manner at what I thought a very reasonable cost and, as I said before, you would be welcome to have any potential customers in the area drop around. I would certainly recommend you to them. Thanks again. George

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