We have used Kodiak for 3 years now and I have nothing bad to say. They are there within a reasonable amount of time when we have had large snowfalls and comeback for a second pass after the city plow leaves their mess! In the spring we have never been left with any lawn, driveway or any other damage. I like the app they have, I do use it. It give a rough idea of when the plow will be here. After speaking to our "plow fellow" I understand that each driver has a lot of driveways to do, it is all about time and patience. Thanks Kodiak for keeping our driveway clean and saving my back!!

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Company Response

Thanks Lorna for your review. I appreciate the fact that you spoke to our driver and recognize that 'patience' on the part of the client is essential. Each driver services approximately 125 houses in 6 hours. Unfortunately, each homeowner has a different schedule and we can't always be on each driveway just when the homeowner wants us to. Have a great day.