So far- not impressed with Kodiak so far. The snowfall of December 28/29th 2015. I had to call the number to remind them to do my driveway. Called again after I saw the driver do a lane-way 3 doors down from mine and then go away. Drivers are not familiar with their routes obviously. Once the driver came at 6:29 PM (website and voicemail states that they were to do 2 passes before 6PM and then another around midnight of this date. The driver left 4 inches of snow still in the lane-way so we got the cars stuck trying to move them back in. You can do better Ann. I will give you one more chance with the next snowfall to see if you can improve your service. The girl Shawna said she opened a ticket about this as I could not on your website. Also- the GPS tracking for the plows was not working on your website as well. Hey- let's chalk it up to first time mistakes and I will improve my review if the service is satisfactory on the next snowfall.

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Company Response

Thank you for your feedback. We acknowledge having a new driver working on Norway Spruce St (Goulbourn area of Stittsville) where he had issues missing a few driveways. He is familiar with his route, however the first storm of the season was a big storm and he of course was slow and stressed. If you have been a client of Kodiak before you know that we have new drivers every year. There is always a learning curve, but we have supervisors working with them to help them improve their speed and quality and usually after they have a few 10 cms storms under their belt they improve significantly. Understanding this on the part of the client helps and your patience is appreciated. On the evening of December 28th we experienced no less than 6 power failures at our office. Each one caused our servers to shut down and reboot. The last one knocked our GPS server offline entirely. Because of the holidays I was not able to get a technician working on it until today (Jan. 4th). We should have it back online again by mid-week. I would be very appreciative if you would return and submit another review in a month's time. I think you will see that the issues you experienced in this first big storm have long since been resolved. All the best, Ann P.S. We did not have any issues with our website. The online ticketing was fully functional throughout the storm and continues to be so.