As a builder I have struggled finding a good roofer for my projects for years, I think I have found one! Nice job, decent timing, patient and cooperative with little up and downs, decent price.

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I bought a fibreglass entry door from Windowcity on 27.08.2015 and was supposed to receive it within 6 weeks. After about 3 months finally the door was installed. The look of the door was nice in the beginning but after a couple of days the door started to show some white stains on a cold day, when I started checking the stains by rubbing my fingers on them I realized that the stain isn't sealed and is not fixed and by rubbing the door with your fingers the colour goes off easily . I immediately contacted the salesperson and was promised an urgent service to check the matter. Still after a week I am waiting for the service department.

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Company Response

Dear Bob, We are sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience. We really appreciate your feedback. The stained double door was purchased through our sales representative, Majid, and was delivered on November 6th, 2015. Shortly after, a complaint to our service department was made in regards to the stain issue (top clear coat became cloudy in some spots). Our service department had notified you that it would take 4-6 weeks for the stain to completely cure. When we came back from our year-end shutdown, our service department received a complaint that the stain issue was getting worse. They had then notified you that we can bring the door panels back to the factory to be re-stained during spring time once we have better weather conditions for staining/painting. However, this solution was not accepted. Our service department called you on January 15th to discuss your concerns but received a notification that you are out of town until Wednesday evening of the following week. We will have our service department contact you once you are back in town. I will also supply you with a contact name and phone number if you wish to contact us directly. The contacts are as follows: Service Coordinator & Technical Support: Gerry Quebral: 905-265-9975 xt 138. - Feel free to contact me directly as well: Marketing/Customer Relations Department: 905-265-9975 xt 128.