Safe Tech has been absolutely excellent in providing prompt and attentive service through the entire process. They were innovative and creative in providing exactly the right product for our needs. We would not hesitate to recommend this company. Thank you so much!

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We are glad you are happy with the outcome. thanks for giving us this opportunity to serve you. Sean OLeary, President. Safetech.


DO NOT USE THIS MOVER They were nice until there was a problem and then turned nasty. They were 2 hours late and did not provide services they advertised, e.g. floor runners, free mattress bag, quilted moving blankets. The mattress was partially wrapped and got dirty. Box spring not wrapped at all, got dirty. A television set was dropped and they refuse to provide claim forms or to acknowledge any responsibility for possible damages to the set.

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Company Response

All out trucks are equip with dollies, straps, moving pads and floor runners. We do not advertise free mattress bags. Mattress covers are an extra charge as stated in the offer. Customer did not reserve any. As a curtsy we shrink wrap the mattress at no extra cost. Floor runners was not laid because the unit was located on a 3rd floor walk up. A dangerous undertaking.

Movers were late but informed customer well in advance, Who acknowledge and indicate it would OK because of last minute packing and the fact no elevators were involved.

Television was not drop be the movers, Television was left in the hall way by customer who was helping. Television was knock over by a large piece of furniture been moved. When the movers finish the television was plunged in and working fine as witness by the customer, No physical damages, scratches or dents..TV was fine.. Some 3 weeks later customer call to say television work but has passable damages., When ask what the damages are customer was vague saying there is possible damages.

Customer used a quoit dated Feb/14 . Resulting a lower price for the move and different special. When this was discovered customer was confronted but deny any knowledge. Emails are post dated.

Inner City Moving offers competitive prices and offers that changes over time. We stand by out offers and specials as they are offered. We are open to working with this customer and hope this matter can be resolve.