Prompt service and very honest. Sent them over to my rental property to diagnose an issue with my washer. He suggested that we replace it as the repair would have costed us more. I appreciate the honesty and the promptness. Their site visited price was also fair.

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Company Response

Dear Customer , thank you for taking the time to write a review.
We are happy to hear about your positive experience, and thankful for your business.
We hope to be your 'go to' appliance repair company in the future.

Thank you,
Ezfix appliance repair


I had this company install a brand new 2 piece toilet at my rental property last December. My tenants told me that he left the box in the bathroom after the job was completed. Also left the old toilet in the garage without taking the two pieces apart and leaving it at the curb. This was really inconvenient for my tenant as they're handicapped. I let that slide and didn't complain. About three weeks ago, I got a call that over night, the new toilet had leaked all over and water penetrated to the ceiling downstairs. I've had toilets installed over 10 years ago and never ever had this issue, but in this case, it failed in less than a year. Anyways, sent a plumber to find the root cause. The root cause seems to have been a loose connection from the toilet tank to the bowl and a leaking connection from the water supply to the toilet. This was a horrible experience for me and I hope that this doesn't happen to anyone else. I would stay away from these guys for any toilet installation jobs and hire a professional plumber, since these guys charge the same amount. That was my mistake and rushed myself in hiring them.

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Company Response

We are so sorry to hear about the leak!
We wish you would have contacted us directly, where we may have figured out the issue.
As it was over a year ago, we cannot assume the fittings were not banged by a toilet safety rail or wheeled chair or other.
The leak would have appeared quite quickly after installation.
We did bring the old toilet and box to the garage.
We would not have left it curb side as we do not know your garbage pickup dates, and was not asked to remove from premises.
Greg was very aware of your tenants disability's and would never leave it to them. Or any other client.
Our clients satisfaction is everything to us!
Sorry about this unfortunate event as always we are here to discuss this with you if you wish