We saw issues with the new eavestroughs First Choice Roofing had installed on our home during the 1st rainfall after their installation was complete & so I contacted Mike the owner. He hung up on us when we called him and explained the issue we were having. I tried again & again to reach him but he either didn't pick up the phone &/or it went directly to voicemail. He never returned any of my calls nor came by to discuss the problems & come up with a solution to rectify them. I had already paid him in full so there was no cash incentive for him to contact me &/or return. To this day we haven't been able to reach him nor has he made any attempt to contact us. I was initially going to recommend his company to 2 family members and thankfully I did not, saving them the hassle of dealing with a company with no integrity. If Mike wishes to rectify that & come forward & take responsibility, I would appreciate him contacting me.

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