We used First Choice before on our first home and were happy with their work and the price and decided to use them on our 2nd home. Our 2nd home has 3 skylights. First Choice replaced all 3 skylights along with the roof. After First Choice finished the job our roof started to leak in the kitchen near one of the skylights. We called them back and they resealed around the skylight. The next rain came and the ceiling in the kitchen is leaking and the drywall is ruined. First Choice said they would repair the ceiling but never returned. They eventually came back and made some repairs to the roof but in a month it started to leak again. There is no use in fixing the drywall if the roof still leaks. I soon tired of trying to get them to return so I've been trying to troubleshoot the problem myself. Our skylights were old and so was the roof, but at least they didn't leak. I don't think First Choice knows how to install skylights. I would think twice hiring them if skylights are involved.

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