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Do not hire Kitchen Crafters to build you a kitchen. I hired them to build me a custom kitchen and they have abandoned me without a receipt. My kitchen is still not complete after 13.5 months. They are very expensive and do shoddy work. I paid over 50k for shoddy workmanship and a rippled, bumpy blotchy cabinet paint job. I don’t think it will last and they do not apply more than a coat of stain onto the wood. My tobacco stained walnut cabinets are faded looking. My cabinet doors are crocked and with large gaps between them. They got me the cheapest of knobs/handles that keep falling off because used the shortest of screws to drill them in. They took many unexpected days off sick, vacations, funerals and a couple of times just didn’t show up. The company hires young kids/volunteers to do the odd jobs, who are inexperienced and very messy. They left many drill holes in the centre of my cabinet doors instead of filling them in and they are very noticeable. My walnut cabinets look shoddy also with deep scratches filled in and several knicks that happened during transport..I think. My flip up door hinges keep breaking/squeaking. Corners were cut in several areas of the job - they substituted with cheaper face frames as much as possible. The company is very new and in my mind inexperienced. When they are finished installing your cabinets you need to hire a finishing carpenter to clean up all your trim and baseboards etc. They are not trades people nor creative at all..but rather from a business background. No help designing was provided and you need to always stay on top of them to keep the work flow. I had to design every square inch. I provided detailed instructions about where along the wall my kitchen needed to end. A big mistake was made when they extended my kitchen cabinets too far down the wall..even thou hard red stop lines were drawn and solid measurements taken. Now, the sunlight does not fill up my room and I was unable to install the island I had planned in the centre of my kitchen because the fridge doors would bang into it. Messed up the plan royally. Know that his price quoted does not include, lighting, backsplash, sinks, countertops, drywall, painting, several plumbing visits or cabinet handles so be prepared to hire several other professionals to finish your job. And cash is always requested for any of his referrals eg. counter top supplier. This company is a one man show. They want and try to please you but his work quality is not exceptional. Bottom line if you want quality work in a timely fashion do not hire this company.

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Hi I would like to address this negative post.

I would like to start buy making it clear that I appreciate all of my customers.

Nikki’s project took a very long time. She was unable to commit to any decision; in many cases making final decisions and then changing her mind in hours and days later multiple times. I learned that any decision needed weeks to get an actual confirmation and even after everything was finally installed she changed her mind again on countless decisions. It took over 6 months for her to decide on a door style and she insisted on not coming to the shop to pick one; I could not understand this.

I am perfectly fine with any timeline. If a customer wants to take more time to make decisions I always suggest that they do so. Customers are paying a lot of money to do this work and I would never want them to make a decision that they will regret. However making 180 degree changes to final decisions after we have ordered all the materials is not very nice.

She delayed the install by months after the cabinets were made and sitting in our shop. Nikki told her contractor that I had run off with her money. When Nikki final set up the install date she was very unreasonable. She called and insisted that I start the next day without any notice. I was not able to accommodate this as I have jobs scheduled; she could not understand and suggested that I was not making her a priority. She wanted the install to take not more than 3 days. I told her it would take longer and with the intense detail of her cabinets and it should not to be rushed.

The day that we showed up to install the kitchen:

Nikki had torn down all the drywall in the kitchen and the walls were just studs. We could not install the kitchen. Nikki really wanted us to just put the cabinets up and she would put the drywall on after???? I explained to her that there was no way that that was possible. She called her contractor and told him to come and fix it without sanding anything because she does not like drywall dust?? She did not put the drywall up before we came because she did not want any dust.

When her contractor came:

He looked at all the cabinets we made. He was amazed with the quality (Nikki’s cabinets are inset face frame walnut; Beautiful looking cabinets with a lot of detail). He had been her contractor for over 15 years doing projects at her house. After talking to me about her delays in the installation he was so offended that she had been lying to him for the last several months that he quit the job and left her house right then.

Nikki no longer had a contractor:

I set up every aspect of the rest of her job even though I was only being paid for the cabinets (other than the drywall). I felt her job would likely never get done if Nikki did not have help. Nikki hired a guy to come do the drywall. He did it without sanding by her instructions. The walls are so poorly done that I can’t even understand how someone could be ok with it. We are installing a $50,000 Kitchen on walls that look like they have been prepared by a child. She insisted that the walls were fine. I reluctantly proceeded.

I got the plumber in, I got the electrician in, and we installed the cabinets.
There are so many details from this point that I cannot even describe them all. There were countless changes. She called the Canadian Cabinet Association to have my work evaluated by a third party to find faults. They gave me a 10 out of 10 which Nikki herself applauded me on (I have the email).

The design that she came up with was something from Alice and Wonderland. She wanted a truly unique kitchen that no one had ever seen before. She made it clear she did not want anything standard. Hard to describe.
I will give one example. Nikki wanted all the doors to all look like three drawers. Something that I told her may not be possible with inset face frame. She insisted that I could find a way and I did. Standard wood doors are 5 pieces where Nikki’s doors are made of 21 pieces. Any woodworker would be supper impressed with what we did.

To end all of this many people did not get fully paid. Including myself, the electrician, the flooring guy and the plumber. Nikki seems to try and find faults in work to insist on not paying for the job. There should be a section on Houzz to rate customers and warn contractors of whom they should avoid.

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Well honestly Im beginning to feel very frustrated with this company and very very surprised by the few reviews. I've been struggling since I made my first downpayment of $6000 in early Nov 2015. Then they asked me for another $4000 for the downpayment for a basic (no drawings) 58' bathroom vanity only (no countertop or sink) and I asked for it to match my bedroom furniture set and they kept a dresser drawer to do the match. They made me a shaker vanity with silver knobs and my bedroom dresser cabinets are raised panel with brass knobs and the wood they used to make it was different than the wood they originally told me they were going to use. (it looks good...but not custom made to my bedroom set like I hoped for) Regarding my kitchen we did a custom design together out of walnut, for the cabinet doors and maple for the wood framing for a quote of over $60,000 (without the counter tops). Does that seem like a lot? So when the walnut wood order for just the cabinet doors arrived for my kitchen in early March 2016 I was told to pay another downpayment of $8000. And then yesterday I was emailed that I needed to get ready for another of today May 31...I have absolutely nothing except for a photo of a very dusty simple master bathroom vanity that is sitting in their front entrance of the shop. When the kitchen drawings were done in January my husband went down to the shop to check it out, see what was going on with our project and was told we were top priority job and our last name was noted #1 on his chalkboard inside his office. We were told that my entire project, kitchen cabinets and 2 bathroom vanities would take maximum 6 weeks from mid March. Just knowing how busy they kept telling me they were I booked June 123 off work as vacation days to be available for the installation. Guess what ..they told me tonight that the cabinet doors are still not constructed (I thought they were making my kitchen cabinet doors but I guess they are being completed somewhere else??) and they still need to be stained also yet. Also I was told that they are running a day behind on the framing. Good Lord is a kitchen even being made for me. My friends are constantly on my back with how stupid I am for having made all these payments. What should I do?? I feel left in the dark. They told me they would send me a picture on progress 3 weeks ago ...but that never happened. I do not recommend anyone deal with this company. Im on pins and needles and I feel like I will have to book off more vacation for my kitchen installation and during the summer which I like to spend with my family away from my house. When I mentioned that they will have to wait to Sept to finish up the project because I go away for the summer they seemed very less than thrilled with me. Anyhow lets wait and see what happens..I will keep you posted. Seems like a nice young company with a young owner and young I have faith.

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Do not deal with PDS construction manager. He is a rare Jekyll and Hyde, disorganized and tells us things contrary to what our insurance people say. For an example On his first visit to my home he expresses all sorts of water damage and solutions and about the dangers of the mould found. But on his next visit a week later after damages had gotten much worse due to cut open drywall and a left open seam in outside wall where more rain water entered, and more easily, he expressed repeatedly how, now, un harmful mould is to our 4 children and that i need to "google it". (really?) It was 4.5 days until the drying equipment arrived (and only on for 2 days ) It was to late to save our hardwoods, and perhaps too late to save anything after last nights rain as we are in another wet mess. PDS hadnt advised us of any report results. Truthfully the guy showed my husband what mould looked like, then wiped his mouldy hand clean on our fresh white carpeting including walking about my home with his dirty boots. the whole PDS crew doesnt clean up anything - left our house a bloody mess. toilet sink full of dirt etc., glue residue from all the taping was left all over my floors, scratched tiles , dirty walls broken grandview shutters and knicks all around from banging approx 9 pcs of very heavy drying equipment all over the corner walls.B. says he's never seen anything like it in 30years. This is not the same guy we first met. My 16 yr old son helped one of the guys move all the blowing equipment out of our house too cause he felt sorry for him having to do it all by himself on fri night. But this guy my son said was throwing with almost smashing force the blowing equipment back into their truck - in a rush to get home - guess he had a date. He was nice thou giving my son $5 for his help and drink. We've only just begun and I'm already disillusioned and its going to rain tomorrow and I hope a repair man comes. They are really disorganized in their work and i see my tile walls bleeding with running water and i feel like they dont even notice and it makes me cry. My insurance company seems really accommodating and eager to help - and they were the ones that shared our report this afternoon not PDS. Stay away from using PDS mississauga if you can. I will keep you posted as our project continues.

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