Good afternoon, I was the recipient of an exceptional customer experience, I thought it important to reach out. As one who takes pride in home ownership as well as being in the business of insuring them, I have a keen eye not only for the work being done itself, but the manner in which a company presents itself and delivers on its promise. In my humble opinion, your company, and specifically Mr. Brian Morrissey, has hit all the right notes and exceeded my expectations. I have now purchased 2 of your products from Mr. Morrissey, my windows and my door. From the moment that Brian entered my home, he carried himself with a level of professionalism and knowledge that impressed me. First of all, simply being prompt and on time was a breath of fresh air compared to some of your competitors. When the presentation began, I knew within the first 30sec. that I could take him at his word and that we would do business. Mind you, nothing was even close to being confirmed or selected, but we all know you have only one chance to make a first impression, and Mr. Morrissey delivered. Clearly he was extremely knowledgeable, but it was in the way he explained things simply, so that an uneducated person like myself understood the product and it’s features and benefits. His ability to offer suggestions was extremely valuable as Brian has a keen eye for style and what would work with the design of my home. I felt comfortable in making a decision to purchase without hesitation, quite simply because Brian put me at ease in how the next steps were to take place, the level of craftsmanship that I would witness and of course your product guarantee is second to none. In stating that, I would be remiss if I did not mention that the actual installers did a masterful job on both occasions, to the point where referrals from my friends and family will be forthcoming. Thank you again not only for providing a 1st class product that I am happy to have in my home, but for the 1st class service I received from Mr. Brian Morrissey and your installation team. The experience has been second to none, and we will most certainly do business in the future. Thank you from a very satisfied customer, Rob Matusek Agency Manager Allstate Insurance Company of Canada 1555 The Queensway Building D, Unit 4 Etobicoke, On M8Z 1T8 Tel: (416) 231-5641 ext. 5001 E-mail: Privacy Statement | Unsubscribe | Contact Us

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