My renovation was completed 2.5 years ago. I'm writing a review now because of recent incident which I will get to. I've had a few grievances with this company but normally I end up accepting what I've been dealt without complaint. Since the recent incident I will now mention all. Scratches on top of the brand new vanity top, the workers would leave their tools on top without protection. After I asked them not to do that they put them in the brand new bathtub with little protection to the surface. They brought up my brand new vanity and tipped it upside to get it into the bathroom and scratch that side of it. My old tub had a Jacuzzi motor which worked fine. They took it and I never seen it again. The downstairs bathroom glass door is not square or the opening is not square (?) The floor of the shower has soft spots where it sinks a little bit which means to me that the support under the floor was not done well. Things were promised that I didn't get. The whole renovation took way too long I couldn't wait for them to leave. I saw very little of Wayne during this renovation, I would think he would come and check things out to make sure his people were doing a proper job. Now for the most recent incident which brought me to write this review. My granddaughter and I were in the living room when there was the loudest crash I ever heard. My upstairs bathroom door which I paid $2000.00 for shattered into a million pieces. This door was tempered glass and there was glass everywhere. Isn't tempered glass (if something does happen) just suppose to shatter but not fall apart? I dread to think if my granddaughter who is 4 years old, was in there having a bath, she would have been showered in glass. When I called HomeBath the first thing I was told was "well that's what tempered glass is suppose to do" (What??) Then I was told my warranty was up (only 2 years on warranty and the incident happened in 2.5 years. After a few phone calls I finally got to speak to Wayne and managed to get the manufacturer to compensate but I still had to pay $450.00 to get a new glass door. I don't think so... you can forget the glass doors, as far as I am concerned they are not safe. I wanted my money back or for Wayne to find me a new acrylic door (no charge). Haven't heard back. I really don't have the energy to chase them and make repeated calls. My last call was not returned so Homebath you get away with it and so does the manufacturer of that glass door. Since this has happened I've heard more and more about these doors shattering for no apparent reason. I was in a bad accident one year and the windshield was shattered but in one piece in the middle of the intersection. What is really going on with these doors? Buyer beware.

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Company Response

Dear Gay,

This is the first notice we have received from you regarding complaints about your renovation in 2 ½ years (aside from the glass door). We are not able to fix things, unless we know about them. Since posting this review and notifying us of these additional items, we have offered to come in to evaluate and address them. Unfortunately, you have decided not to give us the opportunity to rectify these issues, if they are issues at all.

In response to your glass door. We offered to replace your door at the glass manufacturer cost, with no charge for installation labour. You decided not to proceed. We offered a solution with installing a clear acrylic panel, this solution would end up being unsightly, as clear acrylic scratches easily. This conversation has been on-going, and your apprehension with the replacement glass has delayed us coming to any resolution.

If you would like to learn more about how tempered glass (which is always used in bath and shower surrounds), please visit this website:

Please think about your review and justify whether you are fair and honest to us, yourself and other customers.