Installed Goodman GMVC95 high efficiency furnace on Nov 8, 2010. The furnace motor died today, Aug 5, 2016. Unhappy that it lasted only 5.5 years. Parts were still under warranty, but still had to pay almost $600 for labour. Ouch. Service was good and I signed up for the "Comfort" membership - 13.95+tax/month entitles me for one service (furnace tune-up, cleaning, check-up) per year. I originally declined this membership offer on the initial installation.

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Travis and his team arrived promptly and on very short (~2hrs) notice. It took a bit of time to locate my city water shut off but work got going quickly once Gerry (the owner) came by with his handy metal detector. All in all, the damage to my lawn was minimal. One complaint I have is that when the new line and regulator was hooked up inside the house, most of the old copper piping was reused - complete with my old joins and patches - making it look like a Frankenstein monster. I think it would have been easier and cleaner to run new pex line all the way to the newly installed regulator. All in all, a satisfactory job. Thanks to Gerry for giving me quick peace-of-mind by sending his crew very quickly.

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Racoons ripped the shingles off my roof. Since the roof is getting on in age, I called around for quotes on a complete roof replacement. John was not the cheapest quote but gained my trust due to his professionalism and knowledge. His crew was upbeat and were great, resulting in quality work. John made sure I was happy with every aspect of the job and even sent the delivery company to repair the minor damage on my lawn that the delivery company's truck caused. He also gave me good advice on what I can do on my own to fix up my house. I am always wary of tradespeople because of the horror stories I hear from friends and the news, so I feel very lucky to have stumbled upon JMT Roofing.

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Company Response

hi anthony thank you for youre review i have to hold my manufacture responsible for there mistake we are here to make youre project perfect we dont make mistake if my supplier wrecked youre grass i hold them responsible there nice guys they fixed there mistake im glad youre happy thank you john