Kodiaks service is awful this year. We called a number of times. Then shortly after we complained about this service, they called half way through the season to tell us that our neighbour no longer subscribes and wanted us to pay the difference for the full driveway. They claim they have a terms and conditions (a contract I never signed BTW) that the price goes up if one of the neighbours back out. Never again Kodiak!

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Company Response

Thank you for your review Mr. Mansfield. Since you signed up for service with us in 2009, we recorded only one (1) complaint from you on Dec. 15/2013 @ 3:43 PM, noting that the competitor had arrived at your neighbor’s house before we arrived at yours. Our 'price adjustment' phone call was made to you on Jan. 16/2014. (We maintain call logs for all phone calls made and received at Kodiak.)

Regarding pricing, as a long-term client you are aware that we offer two prices to clients with single driveways. The first price is for an individual (‘regular’) single driveway and represents our base service price. The second is for a ‘shared’ single driveway and represents a significant discount over the regular single driveway price.

Our base price is clearly featured on our postcard flyer which gets distributed to homeowners every Autumn by Canada Post and is also visible on the Home Page of our website. Similarly, our Terms & Conditions are posted in electronic format on our website and are copied on the reverse side of your contract, which gets emailed to you EVERY August. They clearly state that, “Shared driveway prices apply only if the homeowners for both attached driveways subscribe for service during the same season. If one of the two attached driveway clients does not subscribe for service, regular single, double or triple driveway pricing will apply to the attached client left subscribing for service on his/her own.”

When you signed up for service with Kodiak in 2009 these Terms and prices were explained to you and have not changed since. There is nothing arbitrary about our pricing and our phone call to you on 01/16/2014 was not a retaliatory act as you imply. The phone call made to you was made to ten other clients who all agreed to pay the prescribed price for their driveways.

As a Kodiak client you have access to GPS tracking technology for your tractor online through our website or on your phone via our mobile app, plus you are guaranteed 24-hour Live Answer on snow days, after-hours support, updates on City of Ottawa parking ban information, and annual discount offerings. I would hardly call this ‘awful’ service. It is a shame that you do.