Very dissatisfied with Kodiak service this year. They have over extended themselves and do not have enough equipment to keep pace. 12:30pm on Dec 22nd and no sign of them. Their competitors have already been down our street twice. When I called their customer service the representative said "I really don't want to hear about our competition" She then went on to explain that they have 40% more customers. If they have more customers then they should have more equipment. I for one will not be going with Kodiak again next year. Best way to lose me was to tell me they don't care about their competition. I for one think they should!!!

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Company Response

Thankyou for your feedback, Mr. Layer. There are 3 factors that may affect your service at any one point in time; none of which are 'equipment' related: 1. Learning curve for new drivers 2. Large snowfalls 3. Route organization. Last year we had an experienced driver on your route, which allowed us to deliver service more promptly. During large storms, such as what we had on Dec. 22 (20 cms), experienced drivers move more slowly, let alone new drivers. Above and beyond experience and snow accumulation though, route organization plays a significant role in when your service is delivered. Last year, your street sat at the middle of our route. This year it sits at the end. We re-organize our routes every year to make sure that one area is not consistently receiving preferential treatment. Possibly, your street sits at the beginning of our competitor's route this year though, and that is why you see the competitor's clients being serviced first. One theme that prevails in many of the complaint calls we receive (as much as in the calls that our competitors receive) is 'Well, your competitor was here first!'. My question to you and to anyone else reading this response is: 1. You pay for a service. Have you ever not received it from Kodiak? 2. Why does it matter who receives service first; you or the Joneses? I can assure you that although we are behind the competitors on your street, we are ahead of them on the streets which sit at the beginning of our route, because the route is inverted for our competitor. As such, I am sure that their clients are calling them and saying, 'Well, Kodiak was here first.' This type of phone call is difficult for any company to deal with. Do we have to give your street preferential treatment every year in order for you to be happy with our service? You have been a client since 2010 and I would not like to lose you, but the reality is, if you wish to lop our heads off for this type of complaint I will have to let you go ahead. Rest assured, I will pick a client up from the competitor next year who is positioned at the beginning of our route, so it all balances out. Thus it follows from year to year that clients ping-pong back and forth between companies hoping to show their neighbours up with the 'speed' of service they receive from their contractor. Or, perhaps 'speed' isn't the issue, but some other factor is, depending upon the client's state of mind on a particular day. Some people wake up looking for a reason to beat us up; others appreciate the service we provide year after year, as we see below. So far we have provided all of our clients with 18 service visits - not bad for only Dec. 23rd! Thanks to all those who appreciate Kodiak's service! Happy Holidays -Ann Benson (co-owner, Kodiak Snowblowing, Inc.)