the people at best buy are something else... i had bought a camera from them ... after a day i returned the camera because it was not longer needed overseas .. mind you i never used the camera i didnt even turn on the camera ... everything was in its place as soon as i wanted to return the camera it was like i committed a crime .. i had to deal with a total of 3 people.. the first girl i delt with asked me a million questions only to say .. ok let me call my supervisor... once the supervisor came he started analyzing the camera... he used some liquid and a rough kleenex to clean the camera... after he used the rough kleenex he turned to me and said sorry i cant take this back because it has scratches on it... i was in shock .. i never used the camera .. well i told him he should have used a micro cloth or something a little more gentle because if anything he caused the scratches but he said that was not possible because they only sell new cameras and the one that i bought was brand new... how many of us worked as part timers and how many of us really care about our jobs... maybe somebody returned the camera i bought and instead of a part timer doing his/her job they decided it would be quicker just to put the camera back in the showcase... it doesnt even have to be a part timer... it could be a full timer .. my point here is i dont know that for sure ... i dont know that every camera that best buy sells is brand new right fromt he factory.. if this is what they are saying then its a crock... well i decided to deal with the manager and he told me the same crock of s**t.... ok so he decides that he cant sell it in the condition that its he made it seem like i used the camera for months and it was all scratched... i told him i never used the camera .. everything was wrapped and unopen.. even the battery and the memory card were still in their sealed plastics... i couldnt believe this... well he told me he will issue me a refund but he will take off 15% becasue he would have to sell it as a floor so i decided... do i waste my time calling head office.... do i waste my time driving to another store... do i waste MY time because MY time is worth more then 15%... come to think of it i should have made more of a stick inside best buy.. but i didnt ... i took my money minus 15% and walked away...never to return again...way to go best buy you just lost a customer for life.

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