I have been a customer of Lawn Savers Plant Care for several years and have never had any problem with them.... until now. For the 2020 season, I contracted with Lawn Savers for its basic program which included visits as detailed in their contract. During the season, I agreed to Lawn Savers' recommendation that I upgrade to a more comprehensive package and get several additional applications. I upgraded and in all made three payments online. Due possibly to personnel or other problem, only some of the applications paid for took place. I exchanged mail and calls with LAwn savers and all agreed on the matter and I awaited a refund for overpayment of about $400. I spoke with a pleasant and helpful person who was about to leave and she referred the matter to Marc. I did not expect I would have to start all over again, but I did, explaining the situation to Marc. We went over the visits that SHOULD have taken place, and we agreed with the calculation of missing visits and the three payments I had made. Each time I spoke with Marc , he said he would call back. I last spoke with their Marc in early Dec., he again agreed the payments made and the deficiency in visits. ALL THIS IS SHOWN IN THEIR OWN RECORDS: NONE of the facts are in dispute. Marc says he wd have accntg would look after crediting the overpayment. I am astonished that such a simple matter can absorb so much of my time. Even after several telephone conversations , numerous emails, and back up documentation I have sent, Lawn Savers have still not corrected the error. Marc, an otherwise pleasant fellow, promises to return calls, but just does not. Such an abuse of the time of a long-time customer who collected and supplied back up documents, proof of payments, and wasted time chasing for resolution of a simple matter. I have never had any problem with this company before. The cost here is not just money--- by far the much greater cost is my time expended on chasing what is a very simple matter. LAwn Savers can EASILY check their records ---AGAIN-- and do the right thing. UPDATE on Feb 2, 2021: A representative Kyle responded that I should contact him. The company already had full details; nevertheless I wrote sending full details, and all proof possibly needed. LawnSavers has yet to acknowledge receipt of email, let alone resolve.

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Company Response

Hi There, I'm very sorry for whatever we did to mess up and I take full responsibility as I have made several big changes in the last 2 months. (that will allow us to provide faster and even better service in the future.)
The only woman who would be "leaving" would have been our rep who moved to Winnipeg as her husband is in the military and transferred. As part of there move out of province, She had to quarantine and was unavailable for several weeks. She is back on the team now working remotely.
In addition, we took that time to move or entire CRM and operations software platform to the cloud to support her and others. With that, we have been 'offline' as we made the required upgrades and changes.
That part is back online and working right now and we will be able to take care of you properly.
I'm sorry that we allowed you to slip through the cracks. Please contact me directly at with your proper name and address and I will personally ensure we rectify your situation.
I trust we will be able to make it up to you and appreciate your incredible patience. Thanks in advance, Kyle


Our A/C went dead in the middle of a brutal heat wave. I first called another firm here and spoke with them July 4, 2020 who said they would call back. I called them 2 more times and left messages but no show. I do not know how this other firm got positive ratings here. I lost a valuable three days before finding SAM of Climax Air. On July 6 I called SAM who was was booked solid. Explained our family exigency, that A/C now rather critical. Sam said he would try. To our great relief Sam did call back and arrived promptly. Sam is professional in every way. He checked everything and diagnosed the problem and repaired the unit. I am impressed with SAM’s manners and his honesty. Sam is now the only person I call in future to repair or replace the system. Sam also gave sound and useful advice that made much sense. Thank you , Sam ! Adam , Woodbridge, ON Sam is VERY professional in every way. He came in, checked out the outside unit and then checked the furnace room. He was able to diagnose the problem and fortunately he was able to carry out the repairs on that visit in a time and cost-effective manner. I am very impressed with SAM’s manners, and Sam’s honesty. THIS is the first and only person whom I shall call in future, especially when I am ready to replace the whole system. Sam also advised me on possible governmental energy rebate programs, gave great answers to my questions, and his advice to me made much sense. Thank you , Sam ! Adam ,Woodbridge ON

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Company Response

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this amazing review!