A company that talks the talk but does not walk the walk when it comes to guaranteeing their work. Quick to pass the blame when they damage your property. I have water stained silhouette blinds now because of them and they want to blame me but they are the ones that forgot to silicon the corners of the frame which they realized when I contacted them the day after a big rainfall.

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This company is amazing and a 10 star in my opinion. One you can rely one to help you. Very customer service oriented and professional. They live by the motto to get it done questions asked. As we all know, pests are not an easy thing to get rid of and that's why we sometimes need to call the pros. Clover mites are one of those annoying pests that just multiply like crazy and take over all your sanctary outside. These things just kept returning after the intial spray and when I called Waheed, he came out the very next day to respray. As busy as he is, he did this two additional times over the two week period without hesitation. My clover mites issues is now gone for the year and my neighbor even had Waheed come and spray his home because of Pesticon's dedication. Great job Waheed and thank you so very much. Look forward to using you on my next pest issue.

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