13 years ago, I moved into a great cosy bungalow, nestled in an older neighbourhood in Toronto. After much deliberation, I decided to downsize and list the property for sale. I had not heard or seen raccoons (first hand) in my attic since the first year here. Day two of showing the property and I awoke to sounds from the attic at 4am. A bird/squirrel/raccoon (I thought)! I contacted SOS, and was immediately put in touch with Sherwin (and Arash), who not only resolved the situation that evening, but prevented any future raccoon visits for the foreseeable future, by securing all potential vulnerable points of entry: eave/roof gap, vents, and chimney, along with the original soffit entrance created by the critter. Professional, courteous, and very happy to explain all work and estimates beforehand, I was extremely pleased with the outcome. The house sold that weekend and if not for the extremely quick response and professional work and attention to detail, I may not have had the same outcome. Thanks SOS - you truly did save the day!!

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Hi Monique, I am glad we could assist. Selling a house is stressful enough without the added wildlife problem. We try to solve our customers problems as quick and as professional as possible. Thank you for your review