This company is great. They were on time. They gave honest advice. They completed the task and cleaned up afterwards. They followed up on the job the following day to ensure complete satisfaction and there were no surprises. With all the bad press out there about sketchy roofing companies, this company is reliable and solid. I would highly recommend them to any of my neighbours. It was a bit startling to find them busily on the roof one day when I arrived home from work, having never had any advance warning as to what day they were coming! However, this was a very minor concern and their work more than made up for it!

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Company Response

Thank you for your kind words and writing this review, We really appreciate it!!

Robert Landry

First Review


My hope, when I enlisted Kitchen Court for a $30K kitchen (MDF shaker style cupboards, quartz counter tops, plus installation) was that the company would provide the expertise of an "award-winning" reputation. Their customer service was not as expected. Doubts began after the initial consultation, when I was presented with a plan that looked much like my old kitchen. The few aesthetic changes that I had discussed with the designer, like glass cabinets, were missing from the new design. Expressing my "disappointment", Kitchen Court offered to "throw in" these extras if I signed on the spot. The notion that they were giving me a deal set the tone for the rest of the project and upon later reflection, it felt rather like buying a car! KC representatives mismeasured a cabinet which ended up covering part of a switch plate. (All the new cabinets were installed by Kitchen Court's own installation expert.) When KC representatives came to view the problem, they failed to inform me that they would make an arrangement to fix it and that I should do nothing about it. Indeed, I had no further communication from them for almost a month. Instead, my own contractors, (who also met the KC reps that day and also never heard them say "DO NOT FIX THIS") moved the switch for me. This became a complicated operation as it turned out that this switch was attached to a support beam and that beam had to be notched in order to move the switch. I had to get "my own contractors" to repair this problem because KC's recommended contractor had already turned down the entire job. So, while KC's installer put in all the Elmwood kitchen cupboards, I had to use my own resources to put in plumbing, electrical, and tiling, because Kitchen Court's own contractor didn't want this job. My own contractor had nothing to do with the mismeasured cabinet and its installation over a light switch. The measurements were taken by KC representatives. The installation was done by a KC installer. Yet, a month later, and close to the final payment, I informed Kitchen Court about the back charge for fixing this switch problem, Suddenly, Kitchen Court refused to cover the repair because they had not chosen the contractor to fix it. (Later, they reneged -- but not before belligerence and threats of small claims court!) ….So much for customer service. Confidence was further eroded after more measurement errors -- errors like the food processor that was measured but didn't fit in any cabinet, a tray cabinet with a rack that didn't fit any trays, and a peninsula under-mount that was not level. Despite being informed of this, no solutions were offered, nothing was said. When stainless counter brackets were installed, which didn't match the kitchen hardware, Kitchen Court offered several alternatives, then ordered MDF replacements that were 10 x more expensive. This was never confirmed with me first and when I questioned the price on this, I was asked tersely, if I expected the new brackets "for free" ( even though two of these replacements were the wrong size and had to be reordered.) I still have my suspicions as to the actual cost of MDF replacement brackets to this day but I have no intention of making an issue of this. I do not wish to deal with this company ever again. To be clear, the kitchen I now have looks lovely and I have few complaints with the final result. But the hardwood flooring was already there. Plumbing and electrical fixtures, chosen by me and installed by my own contractors, and the tiled backsplash (which i installed myself) -- these were all above and beyond the cost of the design and the installation of MDF Shaker style cupboards and quartz counters from Kitchen Court. Given their supposedly stellar reputation, I can only speculate that perhaps because I was on my own and operating on a limited budget, Kitchen Court representatives were not all that interested in this modest project and they dropped the ball. So, no Kitchen Court, I never expected anything "for free". I expected respect, consultation, and quality from an award-winning company willing to stand by their product for every job, large or small…. Guess mine was too small.

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Company Response

As the owner of Kitchen Court, I feel really bad about this misguided client. I see Mrs. Wilson is not even clear on what she has purchased. Kitchen Court doesn't sell Thermo foil cabinets. This is the first item of many that she is clearly confused about. Unfortunately, this was a situation where the client's contractor, (who was annoyed at not being awarded the cabinetry contract for the project), decided to make us look bad anyway he could. While the basic shape of the new kitchen is quite similar to the old kitchen I can assure you the new kitchen has many top notch features, including two Lemans lazy Susan cabinets, two sets of pot drawer cabinets and a pull-out double garbage system, that make the new kitchen function much more efficiently than what the client had before. This client's kitchen looks beautiful and will continue to be a pleasure to work in for many years to come.

As far as the 'mis-measured cabinet' is concerned, there wasn't one. The design had always required the moving of the light switch. Had the contractor paid attention to the plan he would have known the switch needed to be moved and it would have been included in his original quote for the job,(as it was when our electrician quoted the job).

The main problem here was the contractor invoiced the client an "extra" for moving the switch. When my client got that bill, she sent an email to Kitchen Court, telling us we would have to pay this bill. When I said, "it doesn't have anything to do with us", she said, belligerently "well I'll just take it off your final balance". I would gladly have discussed a compromise, but, the client was so stubborn and angry (because her contractor told her he could have done the kitchen much better and for much less money) that communication broke down. That was very unfortunate.

All disputes in life are resolved by communication. When this client refused to do that, she did herself a real injustice. I would still be happy to speak with her and compromise on the cost of the brackets, that she feels she over paid for.

Kitchen Court has been successfully operating in Pickering for 26 years and we have literally hundreds of very satisfied clients. My wife Lexy and I have been doing quality work for clients all over Ontario. Darryl Sittler, who is a very well respected individual, is our company spokesperson. Darryl would only associate his name with a company that is reputable and offering high quality workmanship.

So, Mrs Wilson, pick up the phone, forget your brain-washing contractor and we'll fix this. David Courtney CKD.

David Courtney, ckd
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Unit 13 Pickering, Ontario L1V 6K5
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