I have called Mr. Jeffreys on a short notice because I had a problem at my property that I could not solve. Mr. Jeffreys was very polite and has made space on a Sunday and came over to check the problem, and informed me what was missing, how to fix it and how much it would be approximately. He is very professional in his work and his rates were reasonable and it was a great pleasure to have met him and I will definetly be working with him in the future. Furthermore, I will recommend his services to the ones I know. Thank you Jeffreys

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Company Response

Thank you for the feedback Nephy! Although we cannot quote what a contractor will charge you, we can assist you what work should be done. (note to reader: see "Sherri in Swansea" in a previous review). Nephy had purchased a house a while back and did not get a home inspection done. She has had problems with the house, having to bring in contractors to repair and re-repair ongoing issues with the house. In this case Nephy had two unrelated moisture problems in the basement. The first, she thought was a large problem, turned out to be a simple inexpensive fix. The second, would require a contractor to come in. Classic Home Inspections informed Nephy on the source of the problems and the work to be involved for repair. Thank you for choosing Classic Home Inspections Nephy.