We had Button’s install an entirely new HVAC system in our century home we were renovating about eight years ago. New ducts, new furnace, new AC, new everything. We were originally really happy with the service from Button’s, but want to warn every one of our very recent and very poor experience with Button’s. It turns out that they never actually finished installing our air purifier and humidifier eight years ago. We didn’t notice anything was wrong until this year. With us working from home, and our furnace running almost all day, we’ve had massive humidity issues. We called Button’s out to service our humidifier/air-purifier, and within two seconds the tech was laughing as the reason it wasn’t working was because it was never actually installed. We were charged $168.37 for the visit, told that he would relay all the information to the office, and someone would be in contact with us. He apologized for their mistake and said he can't understand how it would happen. No one reached out. My wife emailed the owner of Button's who we dealt with during the initial installation of our HVAC, we never heard back. A week later, we called the office, and then finally received an email the day after. They said they would offer us a discount to come and do the work, but stressed to us that we were now out of the 1-year installation warranty. I followed up to them immediately, asking how much of a discount I was being offered, questioning whether something never actually installed could fall under their installation warranty or if our original terms of installation were broken, and stressed how disappointed I was in their lack of response to us. After all, they've left us living in a house we thought we invested in protecting the air quality of for eight years! We have never heard back. It's now been another week without response. So, in the meantime, I contacted another company. Within three hours of me filling out their online form I had someone at my house servicing my furnace and installing the humidifier. Yeah – I paid full price, but it was worth the customer service, and I wasn't going to give Button's another dime for something I ALREADY PAID FOR. The best part, when the other company was at my house, they found two small gas leaks from the work that Button’s did eight years ago. Nothing deadly, but bad installation all the same. Bottom line. I liked Button’s. We were recommending them. But they’re fair-weather friends. They take zero accountability for their work, and don’t even have the courtesy to respond to issues that they created. It's actually pretty rude to be honest. Your call. But I would recommend you go elsewhere.

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They turned an old Toronto shared backyard/driveway into an oasis. I can’t speak enough about the craftsmanship, and the kindness of the team at Design Turf. Literally, their work has changed our lives.

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Thank you so much for the reminder that what we do is more than just installing turf! Enjoy your oasis!!