COMPLETELY unprofessional. Bought one of their deals on TeamBuy for $29 for my elderly mother, whose command of English is poor. The deal was to include three full rooms plus a hallway. They gave her a 4-hour window from 12-4 and showed up at 4:30. Although the online form was filled out with great detail, they didn't know they were there to clean rugs and refused to do it, saying we were "wasting their time" and promptly left. Two phone calls and several emails, they finally got back to my mother (not to me, mind you) no apology or explanation and booked a new 9am time. They called my mother that same day, at 9:30, saying they couldn't make it, saying they had forgotten they had a doctor's appointment. (?!?) When I called AGAIN to put my foot down, asking for an immediate refund, they called my mother (not me again) and set up a new time the same day. When they got there, they told her they would charge her a $50 fee for each carpet on top of the gift certificate I already got her. When she protested, they lowered it to $20. There is nothing on their website or on their promo material that says that rugs are extra. She relented and paid for it, since she was in a bind and had to get her carpets cleaned. I would've just thrown them out. They seem to like taking advantage of elderly people. Save your money.

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there is much i could say but the truth is the cleaners did not deal with you and the first time they arrive they were unable to clean the carpet in question due to things were still on them and we do email in advance to have the area clear of things . as the cleaners can not wait as there time is important like yours. now for the cost of extras well things to cost extras as the coupon you bought was not intended to use on area rugs how the guys did honor it any way. . now in the future you should try to present with your mother as she not speak English from what the cleaner told the office . which makes it hard for them to deal with. but they did there best to deal with it. if we know a head of time we could have arrange the things to move for a fee. as this would have help your mother a lot.