She was very thorough and attentive to resolving the problem making me feel good that everything was checked and seemed to be in goof order. I liked the fact that she asked a fellow college tech for help as she could not figure out why the Carrier furnace would not run. Which is the reason for me phoning for help. It turned out that the problem was the induction box tubing for the condensate went to the discharge side of the condensate trap instead of the inlet while the tubing from the pressure switch went to the inlet of the condensate. By reversing these two tubes the circuit board received the correct reading and the Carrier furnace was energized and continued working with one "code 3 1" shut down until now. I also missed this fault even though I had the manual which showed the correct installation. Not making any excuses but the original installation was the incorrect tubing configuration and it seemed to run since installation in September 2014 until problems developed last November with two shut downs before that resulted from blocked exhaust vent and condensate build up in induction fan. The latter was probably due to improper tubing installation. Anyway, the two techs solved the problem and the furnace is working well and I appreciate the thoroughness. Thank you very much, Tom

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