Initially went to Goemans on a recommendation. Met with two sales people who were very knowledgeable about the products and not pushy like most sales people. Purchased a full kitchen set for a brand new home as well as washer/drier. Made an initial deposit online when order was placed in July 2020. Delivery was to be made January 2021 with final payment to be made mid December 2020. First off, there is a security issue with their financial system. I received an email request for payment of the balance mid-December, as expected. The amount of the remaining balance matched my records as did the invoice number. Made the payment online, no issues. Called my sales person a few days later since I had not heard anything about delivery etc. Turns out that request payment did not come from Goemans therefore Goemans did not receive it. It was a $15k payment. I know this to be Goemans issue and not an issue on my end because the only people who would know how much the balance is myself, my husband and Goemans. Furthermore, on Goemans website if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is a notice about online payment requests. Yes, they send an email request and as a new security feature, you will also get a call from the store. This is new and I was not told of that feature when we made the purchase. Also, the first deposit payment was made the exact same way such that I had no reason to doubt the payment request. We were fortunate enough to act quick with our bank and recoup the money. I also heard I wasn’t the only customer to have experienced this. Obviously it was very stressful and made me think twice about shopping there again but the items were purchased and we wanted to move on. Delivery dates come around and the fridge is out of stock. We understand it is a COVID issue and we patiently waited. They called us with an update mid spring saying we were next in line and should receive it by July. That was fine with us, living with a loaner. August rolls around and still no fridge so I call for an update. They’re now telling me that we’re 11th on the line. I don’t know how we went from next to 11th but I let it slide thinking it’s human error. They were then estimating September delivery. Frustrated but I understand, COVID. September comes and goes so I call them for another update. They tell me that they don’t know when and don’t know where I stand on the list. I’m angry now because I just want to know if the line is moving at all. How come they were able to tell me before where I stood but now they can’t? We patiently wait again. November comes and we get a call that it will be delivered in two days. We’re overjoyed. Address is confirmed, loaner is emptied and ready to go. The delivery day comes and I am 5th out of 11 deliveries. I’m still within the time frame booked and they call me to tell me the driver went to the wrong intersection and will not be able to come to our address today. I’m angry now because it is not my fault that the “professional” delivery person thought an Oakville address would be situated in a major intersection in Mississauga. I tell them it’s unacceptable given how long we’ve patiently waited and the fact that everything is already unloaded from the loaner fridge, not to mention the earlier issue with the payment. The dispatcher puts me on hold and comes back to say that the fridge was actually not in the truck. Most reasonable people can read into this and realize they just don't want to re-route even though it was their mistake. Many calls later to the call centre and the store itself and I was told it would be delivered later that day. It arrived late morning, it was totally obvious that the fridge was in fact on the truck. By the way, a message was left with the store, no one bothered to return my call. I also received an email from Goemans head office asking if the delivery was successful. I explained what happened, they haven't bothered contacting me or apologizing. I am honestly never ever going to buy from them again no matter the deals. Not worth the headache, hope all others think twice.

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