I grew up on well water and couldn't stomach the chlorine smell and taste in my tap water. I purchased bottled water for a period but after some research decided it was not a health conscience decision (very loosely regulated) and certainly not environmentally responsible. When my daughter was born I started looking more seriously into a water filtration system to filter out the chlorine, but also the flouride, heavy metals and pharmaceuticals that make their way into our drinking water. We decided on the whole home carbon system bcs I've had dry, itchy skin since moving to the city and a friend recommended that this system helped her little ones with dry, eczema patches. She was so right! My skin cleared up within weeks. My ice cubes are clear and I'm confident every time I give my daughter her sippy of water :) I take my Rainsoft water everywhere - the taste is soooo much better. I also send it for my daughter to her daycare! Thanks so much Rainsoft! Your service was also fantastic and I'm so happy with the product.

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Company Response

Another very happy Rainsoft Ottawa customer!!! Thank you so very much, Candace, for your glowing review on our Rainsoft products and service - specifically our Reverse Osmosis system and our whole house carbon system. We know you'll be very satisfied for many years to come with the great tasting water you're enjoying now and also for all the health benefits you are providing for your family.