I requested Gianfranco to install a dryer vent in my garage. He came in good time because I agreed to pay $250 for 30 mins work. He drilled the holes, installed the vent outlet and caulked it but left a mess, didn't connect the hose from the vent to the dryer and requested full payment claiming that the reason he couldn't finish was because I was missing materials. I went to the site the next day, used the materials that were there and finished the job I paid him to do. I was too angry to speak to him so I asked my agent to do so and he agreed to finish the job for an extra $100. Needless to say we did not take him up on this offer.

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Hi James
We apprecate you finding us online and detailing your experience. We would like to apologize for any and all inconveniences experienced throughout your project. We did do our best to go above and beyond our usual scope in order to make sure you were satisfied with our work. At your earliest opportunity please contact us at 4168248281.

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I had an old garage door opener that was installed poorly when the doors were replaced about 6 months ago. It stopped working for an unknown reason. I posted here, Manara called me and came out within 24 hours. The technician was very nice, knowledgeable, and was able to change it to the new one with only some minor difficulty because the last person I hired was so unskilled. If I need to change doors or hardware again I am most certainly calling Manara.

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Thank you for your kind review James. We appreciate your business