Part 1 :In April I used my protection plan to have a routine service done, my AC was on at the time and working perfectly. The Reliance mechanic came, he seemed upset with his job, but friendly to me. He told me everything was perfect and I almost had a full charge on the refrigerant. After he left the AC immediately stopped working but not a big deal we had a few cooler days. I called reliance back, around May 15 it was 28 degrees in my house and I couldn’t handle it anymore. I called to ask for another service because it never worked after the mechanic from reliance performed the service. The call centre employee said sorry you cancelled your service we can’t help you, I said excuse me I’m going to need to know when that happened as I just received my bill and the protection plan is on it, do you have a recording to prove that? He says I’m sorry I’m sorry hold on one second, I am placed on hold on and off for 45 mins. In the end he didn’t prove it and booked me an appointment for June 21st, saying nothing is available. I called back the following day and get another appointment booked May 27th. May 27 comes around and it is a contracted service, I find out reliance is on strike, not reliance who shows up, the guy was excellent. He tells me there’s is no Refrigerant and the Evap coil is damaged and it’s very easy to do if you aren’t careful with your tools as it is high pressure and easily damaged. I think to myself about the reliance and the untruths on phone in early May. I call reliance, set up a repair of the evap coil to which they tell me isn’t covered by my plan, and they won’t give a quote until the install date, during the call I am disconnected, the lady calls me back within 2 mins. She transferred me to the com plaints department, I wait on hold for 35 mins, explain the situation she said she will speak to the service manager and to hold for a minute, she hangs up on me. No call back, that in my opinion is horrible customer service, who wastes their customer time like that... a company that wants to make it difficult to complain. The run around, the untruths, the disgruntled employees, the lack of customer service leave me to review very negatively Update June 13th, 2021: Part 2: I am now going into my 3rd month of AC not working since Reliance came to do "routine maintenance" My appointment to have the Evap coil replaced was June 12th 8am - 12pm, it was made on May 28th. On the morning of June 12th I called Reliance and spoke to someone in the Maintenance department they said "Yes you have an appointment booked for 8 - 1 pm today, it's a 5 hour job so you should hear from someone shortly". 11am rolls around, I call back and explain the situation for a 2nd time they say " I see you have an appointment booked but no one is assigned to fulfill the ticket, let me get a hold of that department and get someone assigned" I thank them and say I will call back in an hour. 12:00 Pm rolls around, I call back and am told "There is no one assigned to the ticket, I Promise this will be completed today, please give us 1 more hour" and a second time she says "I promise it will be completed today". 1:00 pm comes, I call back, I am told " the reason they told you to wait an hour, is because they are communicating with the contractor and he is telling them he should be finished his current repair in 1 hour" I responded " I have been told there is no one assigned to the repair, now you are telling me there is someone?". they say "hold on sir I'll check, it looks like no one is assigned to the ticket" I said" it's clear the job will not be completed today, can I just call a local contractor and bill you for the fix" She responds "I wish I could have the authorization to allow that sir, but I can't, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience, please just give us 1 more hour" 2:00 pm comes and I call back, at this point I should mention everyone I have spoken to has been extremely nice and easy to talk to. The lady answers and immediately its known this would be a different call than the others, as I know from the other calls my account is open just from the number I am calling from and I just have to give my name, address and phone number to verify. Well this lady makes me painfully spell everything to her and pretends to be typing in the background, then puts me on hold to bring up my account. Whatever... maybe she is having a back day and trying to work to rule or something. I explain I have been waiting all day and every hour I am being told to wait one more hour, Saturday is my only day off this week and I am trapped at home waiting for Reliance to come to an appointment the promised would be completed today. Her response was this "I am sorry sir, but we are in a lock out situation and using private contractors, it looks like it is difficult to find them in your area". I say " reliance locked it's employees out, that is not my problem, I have been a customer since 2007, I am paying for a service I am not receiving." Her response was "I'm sorry, I know it is stressful and you want to enjoy your only day off. What is it you wanted to do today, go to the beach? What time would you leave if you did? I responded " this is a 5 hour job, it is now 2:30pm, just tell me they aren't coming if no one is assigned to the job, I seriously doubt they can complete the job with what is left for time today" She again asks me to wait 1 more hour till 3:30 pm, because she doesn't want me to get to the beach and get a call from the contractor, and me miss my appointment". I ask "should I book another appointment, and can you make this a priority to be completed next week?" She says "we are booking months away, just wait till 3:30pm and pursue any other complaint path you were going to take"

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I’m sorry to hear about your disappointment. Please email me with your account details at and I will be happy to follow up on your experience. - Gemma