Sales rep sold my mother windows. They installed them my mom paid for the service. Shortly after install she realized they were all the wrong colours. She reached out to the sales rep and ask about it. He said he would fix the problem. He never did or filed any paperwork. My mother is 70+ and is a nurse so she forgot about it until we decided to sell the house recently. A few years passed and we brought up the issue. The company refused to admit any fault because my mother trusted the sales rep to file a claim. Brutal. They claim the discolouration is from the sun or possibly a chemical. The pictures clearly show they are mix matched.

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Company Response

Windows were purchased 3 years ago. The work was done as per the contract signed. Also, when the work was completed the homeowner signed and inspected the work done. All work done, was as per contract. I'm sorry you feel this way. But we kept up our end of the contract