A very stressful move. Arrived 5 hours late and they had no consideration for our extra travel expenses incurred as a result. Their response - they arrived the same day. Right from the start of the quote process they told me we needed a shuttle at our new location. Told them repeatedly no shuttle was needed as there was lots of room to back in without obstruction. Told driver the same and he told me several times he would check first to see if he could get into the location with his tractor trailer. He never did! During the drive to our new home the final bill total was given. $1,664 more than the quote, which is a hard hit to the pocket book of seniors. I was very upset as this included a $874 shuttle charge. I expressed my frustration with the head office manager and was told I had to settle the bill in full before delivery. Called Waterloo location management with no response. Sent registered complaint letter with google maps and driveway measurement to company President with no response. No one would listen to me that the shuttle was not needed. A very aggravating company to deal with. This company does NOT take the stress out of moving.

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