It is an updated review. We replaced our roof in September 2020 with the “Nailed It Roofing” company. The requested price was extremely high (you can find another company 2-3 times cheaper). The company representative, Damian explained to us that the price is justified by the company’s reputation (extremely high) and high quality of the work. We were satisfied with the quality of the works, but we also have a problem with eavestrough (the one we had been already realizing: it wasn’t tilted towards the water drainpipe, and the water leaked over the wall). They said they can’t fix it on the same day, since they need specific instruments and we should contact Damian. He agreed to fix this issue, for additional payment. It took more time and reminders than we expected, so we decrease the total score to 8 instead of 10. Eugene & Olga

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Company Response

Hello Eugene/Olga. We appreciate the feedback - however we pride ourselves on fair pricing and consider ourselves to be in the middle range (definitely not the most expensive and not the cheapest). We always encourage homeowners to do their research and compare quotes, and our transparency and quality work (reputation) is the reason we are awarded the job. I do have to add that your roof required plywood replacement, so this would raise the cost of the roof (as with any other roofing company).

As for the eavestrough concern, we apologized for the delay as I understand you were in direct contact with Damian and it slipped his mind during that time. We normally address all concerns through the office phone or via email, and unfortunately this wasn't known by our office staff. Since then, your eavestrough issue was resolved at no extra charge.

All the best to you both and please let the office know if you have any other future questions/concerns.