The work did not start until quite later than promised, which I had to follow up on. I was told the work would be done in a day. I gave allowance for the issue of covid that could cause delay. The person who I had trusted as a very experienced and honest person arrived to put in my windows. He started work at about 9:30 ish and worked until approx 4. Only one window was installed and the header and seat was 6 inches shorter which made a real mess both inside and out. Nothing was said to me but I was not very happy. The next day when he returned to do the other window I said I was unhappy with the window and I didn’t think it was measured correctly. What was the point of a bay window if it was closed to flat? He said he realized his error and mess not happy but not once did he talk to me about it and continued to install the window incorrectly? Was I not supposed to notice? He had to go out and find wood to redo the header and seat, ripe the window out and spent the day reinstalling it. The inside frame and trim would not match up. I had some serious concerns about the proper insulation but was told everything was good. This is now two days on one window! I had to be home. Couldn’t leave and also had to pen up my dog. Not very fun. He said he had another job but would return and he had to order trim to replace it. I think a week passed then I sent texts asking when the work would be finished. However my window well cover was broken and he needed to replace it. That took weeks! Finally the work was finished but I had noticed that there was a lot of condensation on the inside window. Everyone tells me this is not a good thing. He said it was normal because of the temp changes. I’m not convinced. Basically I wouldn’t recommend this company I’m sorry to say

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Company Response

Hi Kathleen,

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with a review and for bringing your experience to out attention. First and foremost, I would like to apologize for any inconvenience we may have caused you that led your distrust in our company. Our service technicians are highly-trained and qualified, and we are discouraged to hear of your negative experience. Providing excellent customer service is our main goal and it's very unfortunate that we did not meet your expectations with your project. Given the opportunity, I would like to learn more details about your case. Please contact me at your convenience.

Rita 905- 738-1870 X240