I'm a customer of MHB's. I've always graviated towards ADT between the major alarm companies, and when I called around, MHB offered one of the best deals. When I was doing my research, I noticed a lot of chatter on forum websites, both for and against them -- the problem, though, was that all of the posters that were engaging in the discussions had less than 5 posts. They were all fake. All of them. Countless stories on either how MHB saved a a 9/10/11-year old, or how they killed a was ridiculous. In addition, you might notice (by clicking on the username of every poster below me (and possibly above me too) has only made one comment: a rave review for MHB. More fake comments... Then, I came across this website <http: />, which if you'll pay attention gives ADT/MHB only 5 star reviews, and every other corporate alarm company 1-2 stars. Imagine that -- a completely fake website (a whois DNS search yielded that it had been registered anonymously...). I called them anyway, and took note whey they told me about their one-time 189 "police fee" (which, interestingly, is worded on the contract as "activation fee"). It =made me wonder how the police would feel if they felt that their interests were being misrepresented... I couldn't help but wonder -- is this the kind of company that I want to enlist to protect my home? Ultimately, I signed with them anyway. Nobody else was offering as much equipment as they were, and even though I had to pay the $189 scam fee, I would have paid that money to somebody else in one way or another anyway. Also, I'd be paying this guy to set me up, but ultimately ADT would be doing the protecting. Hamid [last name removed--Ed] has got to be the hardest working man in the business. It's tremendously sad, though, that he's had to resort to these kinds of tacticts to try to attract business -- especially because when you take away all the smoke and mirrors, you have a fairly solid product offering.

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Thank you for your kind words. It is been a pleasure working with you. We are glad to know that you are happy with the product and services.


I was very disappointed in the service and advice that I received from Rona when I decided to renovate my basement last fall. The product selection wasn't as wide as that at [another store], and the staff did not seem to be as knowledgable on the products themselves.

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In the Fall of 2007, my family decided to rennovate our basement. It was a massive hands-on project, whereby we tore our basement apart ourselves, and designed/remodelled everything from scratch. We consistently returned to our local Home Depot (at Ellesmere and Warden in Scarborough), for product advice as well as tips on how to install fixtures and flooring on our own. All of the service staff were incredible at assisting us and ensuring that we purchased the highest quality products (even if they WEREN'T the most expensive!)!, and had the confidence that we could do the job ourselves. Thank you Home Depot on Ellesmere!!!

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