We hired Churchill Construction to replace our front door patio area back in June 2019. We paid a $6K deposit, the work was completed but there was stain marks throughout and the textured stones were also coming loose. We advised Churchill of the loose stones and of the stains, they acknowledged them but said the stains would eventually go away and he had "a plan" for fixing the loose stones. Apparently this happens once and a while and we had nothing to worry about. Churchill demanded the balance of their payment even though we were not 100% satisfied with the work. My gut told me that I should hold back 10% but Giancarlo's famous last words were "let's clean up the books on this job and we'll take care of the stains and loose stones". That was 547 days ago and we are exhausted having to chase this company to do what is right. Every day we walk into our home we curse Churchill Construction and how awful our front door area looks. We spent a lot of money on our home renovations and to Churchill Construction. My wife and I are tired of explaining the unsightly stains to our family and friends. They did return to try to repair the loose stones but their half assed repair job made it look even worse and stones are still coming loose. Their solution for the stains? They came back and rubbed the area with a wire brush, making the stains even larger. Churchill Construction did not do what they said they would do. They promised satisfaction, and failed miserably.

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